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Zeebe Roadmap

Zeebe is currently in a state that we call a “developer preview”. This means that:

In this roadmap, we provide some insight into what we’re currently working on. We’ll update this page at the beginning of each quarter.

It’s important to say that this roadmap is not binding, and it’s possible that features listed here will be delayed or put on hold indefinitely–though we’ll make a note when this happens. We’ll also indicate when a feature has been added to an official Zeebe release.

In the future, we’ll include a longer-term roadmap here.

Quarterly Roadmap





Long-term Roadmap

What’s not on this page right now is a summary of the features we have planned for Zeebe beyond the current quarter. And the quarterly roadmaps don’t explicitly answer questions such as:

Stay tuned: we’ll be ready to share more with you soon.

Last updated: April 1, 2019