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Benchmarking Zeebe: An Intro to How Zeebe Scales Horizontally and How We Measure It

by Felix Müller and Mike Winters on Jun 12 2018 in Inside Zeebe .

In the past few weeks, we’ve mentioned Zeebe’s performance in horizontal scalability benchmarks that we run internally, but we haven’t yet explained how exactly we run these benchmarks. We decided we should take it one step further and open up the benchmark to anyone who wants to try it.

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Announcing Zeebe 0.10.0: NodeJS Client, A Library for Easier Client Creation, Timestamps for Improved Workflow Analytics, and More

by Sebastian Menski on Jun 6 2018 in Releases .

Update: On Monday, June 11, the Zeebe team released version 0.10.1 (download and changelog available here), a patch that fixes an issue with stream processing, and also released a 0.10.1 update for zbctl, the Zeebe command line interface (download and changelog available here).

The Zeebe team is pleased to announce the Zeebe 0.10.0 release, which includes:

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What's New In Zeebe: Scaling Zeebe, New Client APIs, Faster Requests, Timestamps, NodeJS Client, and Default Topic is Back!

by Daniel Meyer on May 16 2018 in What's New In Zeebe .

Welcome to the first-ever edition of “What’s New In Zeebe”, where we share our progress on the journey of building Zeebe, the world’s first high-throughput, resilient, and horizontally-scalable workflow engine.

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Announcing Zeebe 0.9.0: Horizontal Scalability, Configurable Replication Factor, Rework of Topic Creation, and More

by Sebastian Menski on May 8 2018 in Releases .

The Zeebe team is pleased to announce the Zeebe 0.9.0 release. In this post, we’ll provide a brief overview of release highlights along with resources to help you get started.

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