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Writing a Zeebe Exporter - Part One

by Josh Wulf on May 27 2019 in Resources .

Exporters allow you to tap into the Zeebe event stream and export selected events to other systems. You can filter events, perform transformations, and even trigger side-effects from an exporter. In this post, we’ll step through implementing an exporter. In later posts, we’ll look more in depth at configuration and performance - but for now we’ll cover the bare minimum to help you understand how exporters work in Zeebe. Read more…

Announcing the Operate Alpha Release - May 2019 Edition

by Mike Winters on May 9 2019 in Releases .

The Operate team is excited to announce our May 2019 alpha release, Operate-1.0.0-alpha10. This is the first alpha release since we made an Operate preview publicly available in April 2019. You can download the Operate distribution here. It’s labeled camunda-operate-alpha10-1.0.0 and is listed under the same GitHub release as Zeebe 0.17.0 and Operate-1.0.0-RC3, the Operate release from the beginning of April.

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Data Pipeline Orchestration With Zeebe (And An Example Map/Reduce Implementation)

by Josh Wulf on May 8 2019 in Use Cases .

Zeebe can be used to orchestrate data-processing pipelines, such as image processing or machine learning. As discussed in Google’s Site Reliability Engineering book, one issue with data-processing pipelines is responding in a timely fashion to increased business demands. Zeebe is a stateful workflow engine, and state doesn’t scale horizontally - but Zeebe does. So you want to design your pipelines in a way that encapsulates and isolates state and allows you to scale up workers in the parts where you can parallelize work. Read more…

'Introducing Operate' Webinar Recording and Answers to Audience Questions

by Mike Winters on Apr 29 2019 in Resources .

On April 24, 2019, we hosted our first-ever Operate webinar, sharing background on the problem that Operate seeks to solve and demoing a few of its core capabilities.

A recording of the webinar has been uploaded, and you can find it here.

We’d also like to put together answers to questions that came in during the webinar, including some that we didn’t have an opportunity to answer during the webinar itself.

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Zeebe and Fn Project Integrated: a Proof of Concept

by Artun Subasi on Apr 17 2019 in Use Cases .

Editor’s note: this post originally appeared on the Esentri blog. It was cross-posted here with Esentri’s permission. We’d like to give a shout-out to author Artun Subasi for his excellent blog post series on orchestrating serverless function with a workflow engine!

I’d like to demonstrate a Proof of Concept (PoC) which integrates Zeebe with the Fn Project in order to orchestrate serverless functions using Business Process Model Notation (BPMN).

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Announcing the Operate Preview Release: Monitoring and Managing Cross-Microservice Workflows

by Mike Winters on Apr 9 2019 in Releases .

Today, we’re excited to announce a first-ever preview release of Camunda Operate, a tool that was purpose-built for monitoring and troubleshooting workflows running in Zeebe.

The Operate preview is being made available under a trial license that allows for unrestricted use in non-production environments.

In this post, we’ll describe the vision behind Operate, show you how to get started, and explain the Operate license in more detail.

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Announcing the Zeebe 0.17 Release

by Mike Winters on Apr 3 2019 in Releases .

The Zeebe team is happy to announce the 0.17 release. You can download Zeebe 0.17 from the release page on Github.

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BPMN Support in Zeebe Through 0.16: A Quick Primer

by Mike Winters on Mar 19 2019 in Zeebe Resources .

Zeebe 0.15, released at the beginning of February 2019, shipped with new BPMN features, including message and timer start events and non-interrupting message and timer boundary events. The Zeebe team has made significant progress on BPMN coverage in the last few releases, and when it comes to the near-term Zeebe BPMN roadmap, the 0.15 features are the last of what’s planned in preparation of a production-ready Zeebe release in mid-2019. Read more…

Announcing the Zeebe 0.16 Release

by Mike Winters on Mar 18 2019 in Releases .

The Zeebe team is happy to announce the 0.16 release. You can download Zeebe 0.16 from the release page on Github. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the highlights from the release and share other project updates. Questions? Feedback? The Community page on our website lists a number of ways that you can get in touch with us. We monitor and respond to messages on the Slack group and user forum on an ongoing basis, and we’d love to hear from you. Read more…

'How Does Zeebe Compare to X?': An Evaluation Framework

by Mike Winters on Mar 12 2019 in Zeebe Resources .

We often get questions about how Zeebe is the same as or different from other tools and frameworks that can be used to orchestrate workflows. These “other tools” include:

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