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Zeebe Workflows Inside a REST Request/Response

by Josh Wulf on Aug 1 2019 in Use Cases .

In the Zeebe Slack and the Forum, a number of users have been inquiring about initiating a Zeebe workflow via a REST request, and returning the outcome of the workflow in the REST response. Zeebe workflows are fully decoupled, asynchronous, and have no awaitable outcome. This means there is nothing out-of-the-box right now to do this. We are evaluating demand for this feature in GitHub, both in terms of its eventual shape and its priority. Read more…

The Zeebe 0.20.0 (Production Ready) Release Webinar: A Recap

by Mike Winters on Jul 25 2019 in Community .

On Monday, July 22, Camunda CTO Daniel Meyer and Zeebe Developer Advocate Josh Wulf joined me to host a webinar to discuss the Zeebe 0.20.0 release–which, in case you haven’t heard, is our first production-ready release of Zeebe. Did we mention we’re excited?

The webinar recording is available online:

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Yet Another License (YAL)? Why We Created The Zeebe Community License

by Josh Wulf / Daniel Meyer on Jul 24 2019 in Inside Zeebe .

In early July, 2019, I sat down with Daniel Meyer, Camunda CTO and Zeebe Committer #0, to talk about the new Zeebe Community License. This is the transcript of that conversation. Josh Wulf: We have a change to the licensing for Zeebe - probably, people are going to be interested to know more about that. I know you’ve done a lot of work on it - you’ve been speaking with British lawyers most recently about it. Read more…

Zeebe: Workflow Reinvented for Microservices and the Cloud (From Idea To Production Readiness)

by Daniel Meyer on Jul 22 2019 in Inside Zeebe .

Last Wednesday, July 17, we announced the first production ready release of Zeebe, Camunda’s new cloud-native workflow engine for microservices orchestration. Zeebe is a new code base, written from scratch, putting forward a completely new way of architecting workflow engines for microservices and distributed systems.

This blog post is a quick overview of why and how we did that.

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Announcing Zeebe 0.20.0: From Developer Preview To Production Ready

by Mike Winters on Jul 17 2019 in Releases .

After more than two years of development, we’re excited to announce the release of Zeebe 0.20.0. This is the first release where we’ve removed the “developer preview” label from Zeebe and are designating Zeebe as “production ready”. It’s a major milestone for the project.

In 2017, we created a dedicated team at Camunda with a vision to build a new workflow engine for high-performance applications running on modern, cloud-native software architectures. With Zeebe 0.20.0, we’ve taken a big step toward fulfilling that vision.

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Introducing the Zeebe Community License v1.0

by Daniel Meyer on Jul 17 2019 in Community .

Today, we released Zeebe 0.20.0, and we’re really excited about this release. It’s a milestone for the project and the first time we’re removing the “developer preview” label from Zeebe and designating it “production ready”. You can learn more about Zeebe 0.20.0 here.

Along with production readiness, there’s another important update with this release: with Zeebe 0.20.0, we’re introducing the Zeebe Community License v1.0.

We decided to make this license change early in the Zeebe journey before we had already reached a “production-ready” state so that users can take applications into production with an understanding of our vision for Zeebe from both a technical and licensing standpoint.

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Workflows Are Everywhere (Or, Why We're Building Zeebe)

by Mike Winters on Jun 27 2019 in Resources .

In this post, we’ll share at a high level why we think workflow automation is and will continue to be important to organizations of all shapes and sizes and why we created Zeebe.

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Real World BPMN with Zeebe and Minecraft

by Josh Wulf on Jun 17 2019 in Use Cases .

Here is a great example of how Zeebe and BPMN can be used to solve real-world business problems - in this case, in Minecraft!

Kids love to play Minecraft, and transferring that engagement to learning to code is a Good Thing(tm) Ultima VI recreated in Minecraft

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Announcing the June 2019 Zeebe and Operate Releases

by Mike Winters on Jun 12 2019 in Releases .

The Zeebe and Operate teams are excited to announce the release of Zeebe 0.18.0 and Operate-1.0.0-alpha11. You can download the Zeebe and Operate distributions here.

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Writing a Zeebe Exporter - Part Two

by Josh Wulf on Jun 1 2019 in Resources .

In Part One, we built a minimal exporter, and learned about the exporter life-cycle methods. In this blog post, we will walk through building a Zeebe exporter for the Event Store database, an open source database for storing event streams. The complete source code for this example is available on GitHub. As well, there is a compiled version, along with a docker-compose configuration for it on the 0.18 branch of the zeebe-docker-compose repo. Read more…