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What's New In Zeebe: Scaling Zeebe, New Client APIs, Faster Requests, Timestamps, NodeJS Client, and Default Topic is Back!

by Daniel Meyer on May 16 2018 in What's New In Zeebe .

Welcome to the first-ever edition of “What’s New In Zeebe”, where we share our progress on the journey of building Zeebe, the world’s first high-throughput, resilient, and horizontally-scalable workflow engine.

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Announcing Zeebe 0.9.0: Horizontal Scalability, Configurable Replication Factor, Rework of Topic Creation, and More

by Sebastian Menski on May 8 2018 in Releases .

The Zeebe team is pleased to announce the Zeebe 0.9.0 release. In this post, we’ll provide a brief overview of release highlights along with resources to help you get started.

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