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Data Pipeline Orchestration With Zeebe (And An Example Map/Reduce Implementation)

by Josh Wulf on May 8 2019 in Zeebe Resources.

Zeebe can be used to orchestrate data-processing pipelines, such as image processing or machine learning. As discussed in Google’s Site Reliability Engineering book, one issue with data-processing pipelines is responding in a timely fashion to increased business demands. Zeebe is a stateful workflow engine, and state doesn’t scale horizontally - but Zeebe does. So you want to design your pipelines in a way that encapsulates and isolates state and allows you to scale up workers in the parts where you can parallelize work. Read more…

BPMN Support in Zeebe Through 0.16: A Quick Primer

by Mike Winters on Mar 19 2019 in Zeebe Resources.

Zeebe 0.15, released at the beginning of February 2019, shipped with new BPMN features, including message and timer start events and non-interrupting message and timer boundary events. The Zeebe team has made significant progress on BPMN coverage in the last few releases, and when it comes to the near-term Zeebe BPMN roadmap, the 0.15 features are the last of what’s planned in preparation of a production-ready Zeebe release in mid-2019. Read more…

'How Does Zeebe Compare to X?': An Evaluation Framework

by Mike Winters on Mar 12 2019 in Zeebe Resources.

We often get questions about how Zeebe is the same as or different from other tools and frameworks that can be used to orchestrate workflows. These “other tools” include:

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Writing an Apache Kafka Connector for Zeebe (And A Working Prototype)

by Bernd Rücker on Dec 13 2018 in Zeebe Resources.

Bernd Rücker is a co-founder and developer advocate at Camunda.

With Zeebe.io we provide a horizontally scalable workflow engine completely open source. We face a lot of customer scenarios where Zeebe needs to be connected to Apache Kafka (or the Confluent Platform).

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