Git push to deploy to Camunda Cloud

by Josh Wulf on Feb 13 2020 in GitHub Use cases Resources .

Using the Zeebe Action for GitHub, you can automate your GitHub repo to deploy BPMN models to Camunda Cloud when you push to a specific branch. In this quick tutorial, I show you how to configure your GitHub repo to deploy all BPMN models in the bpmn directory of your repo on a push to master. If you don’t have a Camunda Cloud account yet, you can join the public beta to get one. Read more…

Incident Alert Exporter

by Josh Wulf on Feb 3 2020 in Resources Use cases .

I took a break today from the article I’m working on about “Orchestrating GitHub Actions with Zeebe and Camunda Cloud” (stay tuned, because it is lit) to build an exporter for Zeebe, one that can alert you whenever an incident is raised - for example via Pushover, Pager Duty, or by calling you via the Twilio API. If you just want to see the code, it is on GitHub: Zeebe Incident Alerter. Read more…

Workflows Are Everywhere (Or, Why We're Building Zeebe)

by Mike Winters on Jun 27 2019 in Resources .

In this post, we’ll share at a high level why we think workflow automation is and will continue to be important to organizations of all shapes and sizes and why we created Zeebe.

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Writing a Zeebe Exporter - Part Two

by Josh Wulf on Jun 1 2019 in Resources .

In Part One, we built a minimal exporter, and learned about the exporter life-cycle methods. In this blog post, we will walk through building a Zeebe exporter for the Event Store database, an open source database for storing event streams. The complete source code for this example is available on GitHub. As well, there is a compiled version, along with a docker-compose configuration for it on the 0.18 branch of the zeebe-docker-compose repo. Read more…

Writing a Zeebe Exporter - Part One

by Josh Wulf on May 27 2019 in Resources .

Exporters allow you to tap into the Zeebe event stream and export selected events to other systems. You can filter events, perform transformations, and even trigger side-effects from an exporter. In this post, we’ll step through implementing an exporter. In later posts, we’ll look more in depth at configuration and performance - but for now we’ll cover the bare minimum to help you understand how exporters work in Zeebe. Read more…

'Introducing Operate' Webinar Recording and Answers to Audience Questions

by Mike Winters on Apr 29 2019 in Resources .

On April 24, 2019, we hosted our first-ever Operate webinar, sharing background on the problem that Operate seeks to solve and demoing a few of its core capabilities.

A recording of the webinar has been uploaded, and you can find it here.

We’d also like to put together answers to questions that came in during the webinar, including some that we didn’t have an opportunity to answer during the webinar itself.

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