Announcing Zeebe 0.22.4 and 0.23.3

by Zeebe & Operate Team on Jun 17 2020 in Releases .

New patch releases for Zeebe are available now: 0.22.4 and 0.23.3 and contain various bug fixes as well as minor enhancements. You can grab the releases via the usual channels: - Docker Hub - GitHub - Maven Central Zeebe 0.23.3 is fully compatible with 0.23.2, as is 0.22.4 with 0.22.3. This means it is possible to perform a rolling upgrade for your existing clusters. For Camunda Cloud users, Zeebe 0. Read more…

Announcing Zeebe Node Client 0.23

by Josh Wulf on May 23 2020 in Releases JavaScript .

The 0.23.2 version of the Zeebe Node Client is out and available via NPM. There was a critical build error in 0.23.0 and 0.23.1. Special thanks to @myfjdthink for reporting it, and @lwille for the Pull Request that fixed it. The complete Change Log is at the end of this post, with the full list of known issues (for the first time in a release - there is one), breaking changes, new features, and fixes. Read more…

Announcing Zeebe and Operate 0.23

by Zeebe & Operate Team on Apr 21 2020 in Releases .

We’re excited to announce the release of Zeebe & Operate 0.23.0 and Zeebe Modeler 0.9.0! As usual, if you’d like to get started immediately, you can find information about it directly on the Zeebe & Operate documentation website. Here are some highlights: Zeebe Introduction of the FEEL expression language as a replacement for JSON path expressions in workflows Adoption of Spring Boot for broker and gateway configuration, replacing the old TOML format Changes to the snapshot format to ease upgradability in future versions Operate Improvement handling instance operations Highlighting of executed sequence flows Automated state migration between versions Modeler Error End Event support Deploy diagram and start instances from modeler In the rest of this post, we’ll go into more details about the changes that the latest stable releases bring. Read more…

Announcing the Camunda Cloud Public Beta: Workflow Engineered for the Cloud (For Everyone!)

by Daniel Meyer on Jan 28 2020 in Releases .

Tl;dr the Camunda Cloud beta is now open to everyone! You can sign up here.

Last September at CamundaCon Berlin, we announced Camunda Cloud: a scalable, on-demand workflow platform. Camunda Cloud is the first BPMN-based workflow technology that’s been engineered specifically for the cloud and offered as an on-demand cloud service. It was a major milestone for our company. It was especially exciting for us here in the Zeebe community because Zeebe and Operate sit at the core of the product.

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Announcing Zeebe 0.22 and Operate 1.2 (Plus A Webinar!)

by Mike Winters on Jan 17 2020 in Releases .

Happy New Year, Zeebots! We’re excited to kick off 2020 with the release of Zeebe 0.22 and Operate 1.2. These are the second minor Zeebe and Operate releases since going production ready in July 2019, and our dev team has made significant progress in the past quarter. If you’d like to get started right away, please refer to the Zeebe docs for instructions on how to download a release. Read more…

Zeebe Kubernetes Operator (experimental)

by Mauricio Salatino on Dec 20 2019 in Releases Kubernetes Operator Cloud Native .

I am happy to announce the experimental release of the Zeebe Kubernetes Operator. If you are looking at Zeebe and Kubernetes together the Zeebe Kubernetes Operator should improve your journey to provision and manage Zeebe Clusters. Here is a more detailed blog post about how to use it and how it works. This are very early stages of the project, that means it is a great time to get involved, provide feedback and if you are interested get in touch to work on some issues. Read more…

Zeebe and Operate Alpha Releases: December 2019 Edition

by Mike Winters on Dec 9 2019 in Releases .

We’re back with another round of Zeebe and Operate alpha releases just in time for the end of 2019, and we’re excited to share what’s new. You can find out how to get started with Zeebe and Operate in the docs. In the rest of the post, we’ll highlight the new capabilities included in this release. BPMN Support in Zeebe: Event Subprocess with Message Start Event In our November 2019 alpha release post, we announced support for the timer event subprocess, and with this alpha2 release, we’ve added support for the interrupting and non-interrupting message event subprocess, too. Read more…

Spring Zeebe 0.7.0 Released

by Mauricio Salatino on Nov 13 2019 in Releases Spring Spring Boot .

I am happy to announce that Spring Zeebe 0.7.0 has been released using Zeebe Core 0.21.1 and Spring Boot 2.2.0.RELEASE. If you find any issues with these projects please report them here. Moving forward we want to quickly align Spring Zeebe projects with Zeebe releases in a more coordinated way and we want to refine these projects dependencies to make sure that they are aligned with the Spring Boot release train. Read more…

Zeebe and Operate Alpha Releases: November 2019 Edition

by Mike Winters on Nov 11 2019 in Releases .

We’re excited to announce the release of Zeebe 0.22.0-alpha1 and Operate 1.2.0-alpha1.

You can find information about how to get started with Zeebe and Operate in the docs.

In the rest of this post, we’ll cover highlights from the releases along with other project updates.

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Announcing the Zeebe 0.21 Release

by Josh Wulf on Oct 9 2019 in Releases .

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of Zeebe 0.21 and Operate 1.1.0. Refer to the Zeebe docs for instructions to download a release. In this blog post we’ll highlight the changes since the 0.20 release. New and Changed in Zeebe 0.21 New and Changed in Zeebe Modeler 0.7.0 New and Changed in Operate 1.1.0 New and Changed in Zeebe 0.21 Java 11 TLS Support on Gateway and Clients OAuth Support in Clients Broker Backpressure Long-polling Workers New BPMN Symbol: Multi-instance subprocess Java 11 Prior to 0. Read more…