Announcing Zeebe Node Client 0.23

by Josh Wulf on May 23 2020 in Releases JavaScript .

The 0.23.2 version of the Zeebe Node Client is out and available via NPM. There was a critical build error in 0.23.0 and 0.23.1. Special thanks to @myfjdthink for reporting it, and @lwille for the Pull Request that fixed it. The complete Change Log is at the end of this post, with the full list of known issues (for the first time in a release - there is one), breaking changes, new features, and fixes. Read more…

Transactional Email Microservice with Zeebe and NestJS

by Josh Wulf on Oct 2 2019 in JavaScript Getting Started .

NestJS is a JavaScript Microservices framework for Node.js inspired by Angular. For some time now, front-end developers have been able to get the benefits of configuration by convention, dependency injection, and composition using decorators to build code bases whose structure can scale. Now it’s time for backend developers to get the same benefits. NestJS is a framework that clearly meets a need felt in the community - it was the fastest growing Node. Read more…