The Zeebe 0.20.0 (Production Ready) Release Webinar: A Recap

by Mike Winters on Jul 25 2019 in Community .

On Monday, July 22, Camunda CTO Daniel Meyer and Zeebe Developer Advocate Josh Wulf joined me to host a webinar to discuss the Zeebe 0.20.0 release–which, in case you haven’t heard, is our first production-ready release of Zeebe. Did we mention we’re excited?

The webinar recording is available online:

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Introducing the Zeebe Community License v1.0

by Daniel Meyer on Jul 17 2019 in Community .

Today, we released Zeebe 0.20.0, and we’re really excited about this release. It’s a milestone for the project and the first time we’re removing the “developer preview” label from Zeebe and designating it “production ready”. You can learn more about Zeebe 0.20.0 here.

Along with production readiness, there’s another important update with this release: with Zeebe 0.20.0, we’re introducing the Zeebe Community License v1.0.

We decided to make this license change early in the Zeebe journey before we had already reached a “production-ready” state so that users can take applications into production with an understanding of our vision for Zeebe from both a technical and licensing standpoint.

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Zeebe in 2018: The Year In Review

by Mike Winters on Dec 18 2018 in Community .

As the year comes to a close, we’ll take a moment to review what was accomplished in Zeebe in 2018 and discuss what’s next to come.

2018 was an exciting year with many new features and significant conceptual updates that changed the scope of Zeebe. We’ll cover both in this post, and we’ll also talk about our efforts to spread the word about Zeebe around the globe.

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We've Opened the 2018 Microservices Orchestration Survey, and We're Looking For Your Input

by Mike Winters on Jul 9 2018 in Community .

When we talk about Zeebe, we also talk a lot about the challenges that organizations face when managing business processes that span many independent microservices.

“Microservices orchestration” is a useful term for describing one potential solution to this problem. But every organization will take a different approach to a microservices architecture, and we want to be sure we have a clear understanding of what microservices orchestration means to the many different users who might benefit from Zeebe.

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